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About Us

Quick Fab Products was formed in 2004 to bring innovative new products to the marketplace.  These square tube elbows are the first new product we are introducing.  More products will be introduced in the near future.

Their use is only limited by your imagination.   All types of railings and hand rails, fences, gates, cab guards, brush guards, rops (rollover protective structures) and falling object protective systems for heavy equipment ie: tractors, bulldozers, etc., building construction, headache racks, boat racks, patio furniture, ATV racks, display stands, etc.

Eliminate injuries - No sharp corners to fall on or to snag clothing.

Unlike bent elbows the structural strength of these elbows is not compromised.

No need to mitre corners, giving you much better looking corners.

Shipping Info:  All orders will be shipped collect.
Guarantee:  If you are not satisfied with your order, we will take it back for a 100% refund.         Discount:  Quantity discounts available.  Contact us for details.

Dealer enquiries welcome.

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